Long Journey…..North to South Celebes ( Day 2 )



Wake early in the morning around 06.00 am. Take a round for some photos in Sedona. After breakfast quicked start to Tasik Ria for an inspection. Located at Tanawangko Bay, on the north west coast of North Sulawesi Ten Minutes drive from Sedona Manado. It takes 1 hour driver from Manado Apt  and About 40 minutes drive from the hustle & bustle of Manado is Tasik Ria Resort & Spa. Here with its peaceful and scenic palm fringed backdrop is a family owned and run resort that offers not only luxury and comfort but also a level of warmth and hospitality which in today’s frantic world is such a rarity.Image

The resort’s 34 rooms are in 2 categories; Twenty standard Pool View Rooms are conveniently situated around the large free form freshwater swimming pool. For those looking for a more romantic hideaway, the premier Sea View Cottages offer more privacy and look out onto the beachfront. They also have Spa and Very Nice restaurant. I also met the Resident Manager, Daniel Green. Very nice guy and very welcome.Image

The time is almost  09.00am. We hurry jumped in the Car went to Harbor to catch the boat to Bunaken Island. Liwayne adventure did arranged boat for one day. It costed Rp 650,000. From Manado Harbor to Bunaken Island it took around 45 minutes crossing. The Bunaken National Marine Park enclose an area of 75,265 hectares comprising five islands: Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen, Mantehage and Nain.  Then first we visited Easten part of Bunaken NP known as Pangalisan Beach ;


Bunaken Village; Owned by Dutch-Indonesian Couple, Mr. Jochem and Mrs. Angelina. The resort has only 8 cottages and 2 rooms, which makes it very small scale and this allows us to add that little personal service and attention that bigger resorts lack. ImageThe cottages are also well spaced with enough distance between them in order to create enough privacy. In the restaurant area and in the cottages there is a free Wifi internet connection available and for guests without a laptop computer there is an oppurtunity to rent one by the hour. Small swimming pool located in front of the Bar/ Restaurant.


Bunaken Sea Breeze; Owned by Mr. Terry ( Australian ) and Mrs. Diana. Bunaken Sea Breeze Dive Resort, with comfortable wooden bungalows, beachfront bar & restaurant. situated on the beach side with wonderful view over the ocean, beach, garden and many of the finest reefs within reach just around the corner. The bungalows have a traditional designed with beautiful garden. All bungalows have their own bathroom facilities, western toilets, fans and a terrace with view over the reef.

Then we continued to the western part of Bunaken Island known as Liang Beach, visited;


Bunaken Island; Owned by the Dutch man Mr. Frank Feyns  . The Bungalows  taken from Minahasan traditional house built to European standards of comfort and safety, artfully blending with natural materials…All located on top of a hill. So, you can see the beautiful Sunset with the beautiful view of Mt. Manado Tua. Site Manager Mr. Jan is very calm and friendly. He offered us Lunch on that day.Image

At 15.00 hours we get in the boat and back to Manado and visited some hotels;

Swissbel Maleosan Manado. Unfortunately the hotel was fullybooked, so we can’t see any rooms.

Aston Manado; just able to see the Deluxe Room due the other rooms are fullybooked.

Sintesa Peninsula; Located next to Aston Manado. Very big building hotel with 200 rooms. Normally full with domestic and business tourist.

Minahasa Hotel; Simple hotel with nice rooms but very old fashion hotel.

In the afternoon we depart to Cocotinos: It is a boutique dive resort located within Wori Bay in the heart of Kima Bajo, a fishing village overlooking the Bunaken National Marine Park. Cocotinos was designed to be simple and 22-rooms property comprising of, 8 Garden Rooms with garden view, 4 Garden Rooms with full pool and ocean view, 8 Water’s Edge Rooms and 2 Suites (Kano-Kano and Posi-Posi). We spent the night at Cocotinos. Pak Martinus, the GM of Cocotinos is very  nice guy, polite and down to earth GM I ever knew.


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Born from homely catholic farmer family. I'm 3rd of seven ( 2 sisters and 4 brothers) Grew up and spent my childhood and teenage in little town Ruteng, West Flores. Went to Bali in 1999 and finished my diploma in 2002 at Dhyana Pura Hotel & Tourism Centre ( Tour and Travel Class ). Married my beloved Wife Erna Roosvelly. I've been working at Some tourism industries in Bali. Now, member of Manumadi Wisata Travel team in Kuta Bali....I really enjoy my job just like a hobby.

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